Hackensack Medical Plaza

Hackensack, New Jersey


Hackensack Medical Center

Executives' Role

Turn-Key Developer with Ownership

Services Provided

Single Source contract
Turn-Key, at risk, guaranteed price delivery
Provided all development, space programming, leasing, design, and construction

Project Size

267,000 sq ft


10 Room ASC
Physical Therapy
GI Suite (10,000 SF)
Medical Office Suites
Complementary Medicine
Heart Center
Breast Center
1,200 car Parking Garage


The executives at Sina Companies provided total guaranteed price turnkey services and ownership to deliver a new MOB development consisting of full traditional outpatient services, comprehensive private medical specialists, and a large parking garage. The goals of the project were to expand on-site medical providers while adding significantly more outpatient services on a growing campus.  We were later asked to come back in to develop an on-campus 45,000 SF comprehensive research lab.

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