Centennial Hills Center

Las Vegas, Nevada


Various inpatient and outpatient users

Executives' Role

Acquirer / Developer / Owner

Services Provided

Campus Planning
Design oversight
Construction management
Financing and Leasing

Project Size

24+ acre total medical campus
120,000 square feet of nearly
completed shell buildings
180,000 square feet of additional developable buildings


Primary / Urgent Care
Retinal surgery
Oral surgery
Other physician and commercial tenants


Executives at Sina Companies tracked this project during the Lehman bankruptcy for over 5 years before purchasing it from the bankruptcy trustee. Our executives completed the 120k square feet of buildings to receive shell certificate of completion and positioned the rest of the site for future development. Tenancy has been building since acquisition with current tenants including a Humana primary care center, retinal surgeons, oral surgeons, ophthalmologists and other additional, major providers scheduled to start construction and operations in early 2017. Providing healthcare and commercial tenants with the ability to own, lease or design and build their space, this project provides flexibility for the tenants to properly serve their patient base in this new, growing demographic of Las Vegas.

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For updated contact information including team addresses and phone numbers while our office is closed - send an email request or call Bryan Sina at 561-628-6769.