July 17, 2018 | John B. Mugford

April 2018 – Healthcare Real Estate Insights by John B. Mugford Back in 2011, there were probably more than a few professionals involved in healthcare real estate (HRE) who thought Malcom S. Sina, one of the best-know medical office building (MOB) developers in the country, would ease into retirement. After all, Mr. Sina had just sold his company, DASCO, to multi-national construction and project management firm LendLease.

For a couple of years, Mr. Sina remained with LendLease during a transition period, then laid low somewhat low while a two-year non-compete agreement. He ended up being involved in a few projects that LendLease was not interested in.

After selling DASCO, was retirement indeed on his mind?

“Only for a week or two, and then I realized that this business is what I love doing,” Mr. Sina says. “ I mean, I prefer going into the office and working with the people we have there and on development projects more than heading out to the golf course.”

So, instead of retiring, in 2015 he launched a new development firm with a well-known name: his own. In starting Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.-based Sina Companies as the executive chairman, Mr. Sina brought several of his former DASCO employees and a business associate into the fold: his sons Rob and Bryan, Curtis A. Cupp and others.

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